Mary Elliott Garden Design And Construction
Stone Pergola
Herbaceous Border
Wildlife Friendly Gardens
Grass Edge
Parthenocissus Veitchii
Texture and Movement

Country House Gardens

Borders make a connection with the grandeur of large country homes.

The informal summer border is a riot of colour, texture and perfume and as it fades, winter seed heads provide feed for birds.

Informal Summer Border
Wild Flower Meadow
Bold Formality Summer Borders
Summer Colour

The more formal border is edged with box and columnar conifers to provide structure throughout the year, containing the undulating swathes of colour. A paved mowing edge allows easy mowing.

Woodland Garden

Heavy shade cast by mature trees requires shade tolerant plants that perform during winter and early spring.

These delightful gardens are a haven of tranquillity all year round, full of birdsong in spring.

Woodland Tranquility
Woodland Shade
Woodland Shade
Woodland Edge Winter

Cottage Gardens

Enjoy summer colour and perfume, winter interest and wildlife, seclusion and tranquillity.

Our professional plant-centred approach is based on many years of experience and very high quality plant supply direct from UK producers.

Low maintenance is always our priority so that you enjoy the benefits without the hard work.

Low Maintenance Garden
Seclusion and Colour
Meandering Path Cottage Garden
Year Round Interest

Contemporary Urban Gardens

Both clients requested low maintenance gardens that reflected the character and style of their modern homes.

The front garden is planted with variegated euonymus rather than the usual box as a contemporary twist. It is shade tolerant and clips easily to shape.

Planted into gravel over a water permeable membrane - no weeding is necessary.

Low Maintenance Garden
City Coutyard

The rear courtyard provides seasonal colour and perfume. Its inter-connected shapes create a form of parterre when viewed from the upper kitchen balcony, and the pergola divides the spaces and offers shade from the sun.

Paving, Walls and Decks

My clients requested a space for entertaining their friends at the gable end of the house.

Stone Steps and Paving
Stone Pergola

Stone pergola pillars were constructed to match the house elevations perfectly; the timber cross beams of green oak make a connection with the distant woodland; low walls provide seating.

The steps and paving flow seamlessly from the existing terrace along the front of the house.

Instant Screening

Instantly mature plants are available to screen eyesores or exposure to neighbour’s windows and traffic.

The Laurel hedge was planted at an instant 5’ to screen the garden from the road.

Instant Laurel Screen
Mature Trees

Field grown instant hedging is available from our North Yorkshire producer.

Wildlife Garden

Butterfly on Echinacea
Bee on Cornflour

My selection of attractive trees, shrubs, climbers and herbaceous plants that provide food and nest sites can create a haven for wildlife in your garden, encouraging a variety of insects, birds, amphibians and mammals.

I can suggest sites for feeding stations, a variety of habitats, shelters, and breeding places. This pond in a low lying part of the garden is a magnet for newts, frogs, dragonflies, and visiting birds.

A Wildlife Friendly Pond
A Wildflower Meadow

In larger rural gardens, you can enjoy the delights of a wildflower meadow area – buzzing of bees, colourful butterflies, and the scent of mown hay. Once established, maintenance is very low – just one or two cuts per season.

A Wildflower Meadow in June
A Wildflower Meadow in June

This small area of wild flower meadow was in flower from April to July to the rapture of my clients and their friends, and attracting a variety of insects

A pepple pool with sleeper path
The pepple pool in winter

A small rural garden is home to a myriad of birds and is a beautiful space to be in even in winter, with attractive structure shrubs and seed heads reflected in the water.

For exciting sculptures for your garden, visit the website of Urbis Design.